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Introducing The Revolutionary Ultra Short Throw Screen with Ambient Light Rejection,
made of unique material. comes in 3 sizes: 90″, 100″, 120″ for Home Theater,
 Business and Outdoor. Outdoor. Do you want to enjoy the most amazing display in the day light? We offer you ALR Projector Screen and ensure that you will just admire its amazing solutions. With high resolution and wide color range, our Ambient Light Projector Screen is a revolutionary method. It can be perfect to use as home theater, for business as well as outdoors. This Ambient Light Projector Screen is becoming more and more popular thanks to recent advances in performance. Besides, the declining prices are also one of the reasons why many more people choose ALR Projector Screen. At UST Screens, we also strive to keep our prices affordable so that our clients will buy their lovely Ambient Light Rejecting Screen at reasonable rates.
You will certainly appreciate this Ambient Light Rejecting Screen as it is worth every penny you spend. We can say that everybody loves Ultra short throw projector screens but what UST Screens offers is something different. When you buy the screen we offer you just need to follow the instruction guide on how to install it. We also offer you to watch the installation video we offer online. Each package of Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen we deliver comes with all the materials and tools which are needed to mount the screen on the wall. After the installation, you will see and feel the true magic of Ambient Light Rejecting Screen. Just turn on your UST projector and enjoy great quality image in the daylight!


Everybody loves Ultra short throw projector screens. But our’s is different.
Here is how it works.

Assemble The Screen

Follow the instruction guide on how to install. You can also check the installation video

Mount it on the Wall

The package comes with all the materials and tools you will need to mount the screen on the wall.

Yay! Enjoy the magic

Turn on your UST projector. Our Ambient Light Rejection technology helps display great quality image in the daylight.


Enjoy the most amazing display in the day light. With High resolution
and Wide color range.


Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR ready. available in 90", 100" and 120" in 16:9 format.

Light Rejection

made out of pet cristal, Ambient Light rejecting material absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting

Contrast Enhancer

100x contract enhancement over standard matte white screens

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Multi-layer optical structure filters out ambient light for superior picture quality

Wide viewing angle

Ultra wide viewing angle allows viewers to spread out while maintaining uniform picture quality

Superb Color

Produces lifelike images with superb color fidelity. Black backing eliminates light penetration

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